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Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) is also known as Virginia Strawberry or American Strawberry and is a ground-hugging herbaceous perennial that easily spreads by runners to create patches. The plant blooms white flowers in early spring and edible fruit in early summer. The leaves turn shades of maroon and red in the fall. Grows well in most soil conditions and prefers full sun to part-shade. Attracts wildlife and butterflies.

Common names for this plant are Virginia Strawberry, American Strawberry, and Wild Strawberry.

Product/Container Size Trade Quart (3.5" pot)
Hardiness Zone(s) 3-9
Sun Exposure Partial Shade to Full Sun
Seasons of Interest Spring, Summer, Fall
Bloom Time April, May, June
Water Needs Average
Growth Rate Moderate
Average Size at Maturity 3-6" H